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On behalf of all members of the Waterloo Regional Police Service, thank you for being an important part of our community and for taking the time to review our 2017 Annual Report.

This was an incredible year with many exciting events, community initiatives, and successful investigations. Our members are proud to serve the residents and visitors of Waterloo Region.

As you peruse this report, I hope it provides you with a snapshot of our year and that you feel motivated to learn more or get involved in this wonderful community.

I am extremely proud of our members for all that they have accomplished. In 2017, we handled almost 300,000 incidents, investigated increasingly complex crimes, and built countless community connections.

As we take a look back at 2017, I hope you will join us in acknowledging the efforts of the past, and look forward to the promise of the future.


Best Regards, 

Bryan M. Larkin
Chief of Police